Thursday, February 25, 2010

Title: Undead Much?
Author: Stacey Jay
Pages: 304
Published: Jan. 21, 2010
Rating: 4/5


Q: How many guys does it take to make your boyfriend wild with jealousy?
A: Only one, if he's UNDEAD.

Megan Berry had a perfectly average new-sundress-and-boy-obsessed life--until her power to settle the Undead returned. Oh, and then her best friend tried to kill her--and ruin homecoming--with a bunch of black magically raised zombies. At least she got a spot on the pom squad and a smokin' boyfriend (Ethan). But now Megan is in deep fertilizer all over again.

Why? Well, let's see...

· Feral new super-strong zombies? Check.

· Cheerleader vs. pom squad turf war threatening half time as they know it? Check.

· An Undead psychic hottie (Cliff) who's predicting a zombie apocalypse--and doing his best to tempt Megan away from Ethan? Yum. I mean, Check.

· Earth-shattering secrets that could land Megan in Settler prison for life? Um, IT WASN'T ME!!!

Everyone thinks Megan's at fault for the new uber-zombie uprising. Looks like she'll need the help of both Cliff and Ethan if she's going to prove her innocence before it's too late...


Undead Much? the sequel to the fabulously original You Are So Undead To Me by Stacey Jay. In the sequel Jay once again knocks the socks off of her readers by continuing the storyline with her amazing cast of characters. This time around we get to see a softer, more helpful side of the "Monicster" (Monica). She became someone Megan could depend on to help her out of serious jams, while also providing much of the comic relief throughout. Megan continues to be an incredibly likable character with a relatively cool head about her-given the circumstances. And Ethan? Still and hunky and dreamy-boyfriend as ever. With a friend as kick-butt as Monica and a boyfriend as cool as Ethan who wouldn't be able to take on hordes of zombies?

This series is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. Jay's fresh writing style and hilarious dialogue made it hard for me to put Undead Much down. I cannot wait to see what the third installment will have in store for Megan Berry.


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